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Video Prosesi Pernikahan Dian SastroWardhoyo

Here are the Video Prosesi Pernikahan Dian SastroWardhoyo prosesi dian sastro wardoyo
Video Prosesi Pernikahan Dian SastroWardhoyo
DAY This is the most historic day for the artist Dian Sastrowardoyo. He will enter marriage with the sacred mahligai Indraguna Sutowo wealthy businessman, the son of a rich tycoon Adiguna Sutowo. This marriage is mentioned the media as one of the costly wedding. Some media and infotainment calls cost up to billions of rupiah, a fantastic amount and may only be defeated actress Nia Ramadhani and Anindya Bakri, a wealthy businessman (son of General Chairman of Golkar Bakrie), which reputedly cost "only" about Rp 100 billion.

For Indraguna, the number was not much for editing, Dian, an artist who has long been dipacarinya diidolakannya and for two years. Moreover, women's real name Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo's popularity was at peak. Since his name skyrocketed in the movie What's Up with Love, the star continues to shine like a morning star. He became one of the artists who paid dearly for each of the film. He is also in demand as a star of the ad, especially Lux soap, which gave him the opportunity to tour many places as well as expand the amount of wealth coffers.

Before the marriage procession, Indraguna Seserahan Sutowo has provided a home valued at USD 6 billion, the house that is more fantastic than the house belonged to Gaius Tambunan who "only" worth Rp 1 billion. That's not the worst when compared to marriage procession will be held today. The plan, marriage ceremony will be held at the Hotel Dharmawangsa, one luxury hotel in Jakarta. While the wedding reception will be held at the Jakarta Hilton Convention Center (JHCC), Senayan, Jakarta. Election where marriage ceremony and the reception has been able to explain that this wedding is the dream wedding that was attended by celebrities and celebrities of this country as part of 4000 more guests who will attend the event.

Interpreting meaning

Without intending envious, as a commoner-who occupy positions below the poverty line, I was always stunned to hear news about the wedding every cost is very expensive like this. Amidst the vast majority of children the center of the nation and drudge scavenging for food in the streets, this marriage was impressed bother with the social realities surrounding menggiriskan. In this country, we are always on view shows a parade of elegance an increasingly layered social classes small in this country.

As ordinary citizens, we are always shocked when I saw a wedding made in the country like a fairy tale, though after that we again struggled with hobbled steps to find a bite of rice. During the few seconds we are in awe, after that we start merutuki fate and asked, how lucky we are compared to Dian Sastro which costs billions of marriage. Why should we just be regular people and not so elite layer?

Formerly, I often watched Dian Sastro while hanging out in the canteen of literature on campus University of Indonesia (UI), Depok. My impression, he does not like girls bourgeoisie who every day spend most money on a blind. According to a few close friends, Dian is not a materialistic type of girl. He is the type of girl that further highlight the ability of smart inteligensianya than a fantastic physique. A close friend of mine in the UI Department of Philosophy often take the same subjects with Dian. He said, Dian quite intelligent. His mind was quite clear when peeling the layers of social reality in every pitched.

Dian thesis about the social construction of beauty phenomenon could be the extent to which achievement benchmarks intelligence. In that paper, Dian explains that beauty is not just the physical appearance of a sexy body and white, but beauty is a definition whose meaning is constructed by certain interpretations of culture and ideology. This is definitely an interesting theme. If talking about ideology, of course, he will discuss how to layer upon layer of consciousness that nest in someone's mind when perceiving something.

Dian so smart, so that raises questions for me, why then to a consent granted and Testament has been extensively about marriage should spend billions of rupiah? Why did he not interpret the meaning of that marriage was no longer a ritual that brings two hearts, but a social arena where the fight occurred inside the meaning? Would not it be a wedding event to showcase the many people about the status and social class families who hold these rituals?

Layered meanings

For myself, rampant costly weddings into a cue from our society that was changing. Our society is a society that emphasizes material as a symbol, thus eliminating the beauty of holiness and kehikmatan a wedding. Symbols such as the sole reality. And for that symbol, we dedicate our entire lives and works hard to reach. This is our society today. Related expensive wedding, I had some interesting analysis to be discussed in this paper.

First, while there was a shift of meaning of marriage. Today, marriage is no longer merely a ritual to strengthen the bond between two human beings. Former, marriage is a sacred promise or a strong commitment before God to semati lively, and loving care of each other in one of dihaga mahligai together till death picked up. In the English dictionary "marriage" (marriage), affirmed as: "the union of a man and woman by a ceremony in law". This definition is inadequate because the start of a marriage is the bond that brings a lot of parties ranging from two large families to involve other social institutions, including state and religious institutions. Marriage is a matter that involves a lot of people where each has different interests. Social meaning of marriage from a much larger than the individual meanings that unite two beings. This is no longer a ritual that only brings Dian and Indra, but also involves a lot of people, ranging from large families on both sides, a social network of two large families, business relations, to the public who become consumers of media.

Second, marriage Dian and Indra became the arena of contestation in the community. It is no secret that the prestige and social status at stake on the momentum of a person such as weddings. As if, when held a simple wedding, then the existence of a person will be assessed from the event. So marriage becomes an arena of competition confirmed in the community about who is most influential, who is the most wealthy, and who has the most powerful social network. Wedding Dian and Indra became the arena of big names Indraguna mempertaruhan as the son of a conglomerate, as well as the big name celebrities dian own top. Both have a stake so large that must hold fast to a big budget. Both depart from a certain social background as if the class is determined by how festive events like weddings. Marriage becomes the arena of symbolic show of their social class.

This phenomenon also occurs in some of our traditional society. I never saw the ritual in Toraja community. The more colorful, the more berjayalah the penggelar ritual. In Bugis society, prestige someone will look also at the wedding. The higher the dowry money (people call it Panai Bugis', then the image of a citizen hebatlah Bugis.

Third, marriage has been transformed into a industry that involves many people. Costs incurred billions of rupiah Dian and Indra will be spent only within a day to hold a marriage ceremony and reception. If you're observant and calculating where the flow of money, you will be startled to realize how many professions associated with the flow of money. Starting from the salon or makeup services, wedding organizer, fashion designers, hotels, service, decor, providing souvenirs, line cooks or catering, entertainers ranging from musicians to singers, as well as traditional leaders, until the prince is also must be paid. If recorded with detail, so that fund flows in many professions which are interrelated so that confirmed the wedding as a single industry which involves many professions and related. I imagine, Dian marriage has also become a 'meal' of media workers, infotainment and the entire community. You can imagine yourself how hebohnya this marriage.

I'm not envious with this analysis. I'm just trying to see what forces are working behind an expensive wedding. The important thing I want to say that marriage has undergone a shift of meaning in our society. No longer a convergence of two hearts, but rather emphasizes the symbolic meanings and social significance. In the end, Dian and Indra was chess-driven prestige and social class. This phenomenon has also struck most of us own

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